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Mortgage Calculator (GWT)

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Welcome to Mortgage Calculator (Java/GWT) GitHub Page.

This is a highly interactive Mortgage Calculator application. Just enter your mortgage or loan details; and application will calculate exactly how much you can save by either changing your payment frequency or by making monthly extra payments. Amortization Schedule (monthly payment calendar) is calculated automatically (instantly) every time your change any of the values.


Demo of this project is available at

Source Code & Licensing

Application is coded entirely in the Java language and I've used GWT to develop and debug final Ajax application. As far as SDLC, only Eclipse & GWT Java development tools were used during the process (no third party libraries). Source code can be downloaded in TAR or ZIP format (links above). If you want to further enhance the project, visit GitHub repo:


This project is released under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE - Version 2, June 1991


Having trouble? Contact me, I'll try to help as much as I can.

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